Monday, October 12, 2009

Topless And Bottomless Beaches


Title: We (us)

Fandom: Original

Gender: Drabble, "Psychological?, Clip leg

Rating: G
Summary: Finding out do not know everything about it is not tasteful dish for you.

Warnings: Sometimes I will clip and what happens happens


not even get to remember when was the first time I saw you with five senses fully you. Actually, I think it was a road that I traveled almost blindly to see you finally, because it certainly did not pay much attention to what you were doing or were leaving to do despite being someone so close.

may even I know you really, and I hate to say. It's sad, really sad. Although most painful thing was to have you to know through the comments of others. Comments heard on the sly when people do not pay attention. Hidden behind anything that I cover, protecting me like a total coward.

If from the outset, I would have paid enough attention, I wonder if we would come to this situation. Do not know, but you my own, and perfection.

I wonder if you were always so. No. Well, sometimes quizása show any sign of such behavior of yours, but there were few times and nothing relevant. I thought.

Now you stand before me and do not even know what I see. A young boy, irresponsible and happy? A unknown cold, manipulative and phony? Maybe someone who does not know how to live life and behave with others? None of that, all, anywhere?

When you smile I do not know if you're really happy is a face to hide your true feelings and insecurities of those around you, or you make fun of them as I do myself.

always thought you were good friends think so. Just do not understand why you ignore this way despite its overtures. Perhaps you get tired of them? Just do it to hurt me knowing that you know every corner of my mind, the same as yours?

You lock in a prison mental impossible to open or force. An impenetrable globe where not you let anyone or anything. Have you forgotten me? Is there nothing that can make you change? Is it too late?

do not know, do not know and I would say that I do not care, but we both know that it is not. Nevertheless, there is something never change, because they'll never get me out of your life, and I'll make do with you either.


You, your other self.


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